treatment for alcoholism

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treatment for alcoholism

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Am I drinking too much?

According to the NHS, about 4% of women and 9% of men show clear signs of alcoholism in the U.K. Now, that might not seem like much, but even that can lead to 9 million people drinking more than recommended levels, about 8,000 alcohol related deaths, and widespread liver disease due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Am I an AlcoholicSeeing just how severe this problem is, if you’re thinking of kicking the habit and have started conducting online searches for things like “how to help an alcoholic” and “treatment for alcoholism”, you’re one of the many that’re now starting on the right track.

At 5 Day Addiction Detox Centre, we believe that acknowledging the problem is the first step towards recovering from it and getting treatment for alcoholism. If you’re contemplating giving up alcohol, you probably realize that your drinking habits aren’t healthy. You’ve probably seen the effect it has on your social life, your professional life, and your friends and family.

Alcohol can lead to various problems like drunk driving, lack of impulse control, and in extreme cases, abuse. So, you might wonder, how you can stop drinking. There’s nothing easy about giving up alcohol. You need the right support and the right treatment from professionals who know how to help an alcoholic.

There are Two Hindrances

Most people suffering from alcoholism face two very difficult obstacles and they are money and time. Most alcohol treatments require you to take a month away from your life. The 28 day to 30 day rehabs will force you to leave your work and your family behind. There might be treatments that follow that would further intrude upon your life.

And staying in a high-end rehab centre for treatment for alcoholism, for a month isn’t cheap. After all, you’re getting a place to stay, the food, counselling from experts who know how to help an alcoholic, and other such services. All of these services are included in the rehab package that would help you in giving up alcohol.

What others achieve in 30 days, we achieve in 5. As you spend 5 days instead of 30 in the rehab centre, you don’t have to worry about taking too many days off. You don’t have to worry about paying for a month. That significantly reduces the cost of rehab. As you can see, we’ve removed the two biggest hurdles from your path. We know the best way how to help an alcoholic, now it’s your time to become proactive and help yourself.

About the 5 Day Treatment for Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a notoriously difficult habit to kick. Naturally, people are sceptical when a miraculous sounding remedy turns up, offering to cure alcoholism in 5 days. But there’s no miracle, only science. We use a combination of I.V NAD+ and specialised how to help an alcoholic counselling methods to get you away from alcoholism. When you receive this therapy, you stay in a high-end, serene, and secluded estate London or North Western England. The environment is safe and comfortable, keeping you away from alcohol, but not stifling you.

This treatment for alcoholism has given us great results, with several of our patients recovering completely from alcoholism after our treatments. If you have any questions about our addiction detox, just give us at 5 Day Addiction Detox Centre a call at 0203 955 7701.


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