Symptoms of alcoholism

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Symptoms of alcoholism

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What are the symptoms of an alcoholic

Common Symptoms of Alcoholism

Am I an AlcoholicIt’s not easy to be objective when you have a drinking problem. There is a lot of denial, arguments, rationalising etc that only compounds the situation and it becomes very difficult to draw the line between what can be considered to be acceptable and what’s crossing the line. Though the boundaries aren’t really clear-cut, when you have an issue with drinking, it can be classified either as alcohol dependence/problem drinking.

The latter isnt a full-blown addiction to alcohol and you may show no evident symptoms of alcoholism. However, there could be a number of subtle indications that your habit has started to take its toll on your daily life. This also means, you are at risk of crossing the line over to full-fledged alcoholism. So, what are the symptoms of alcoholism and what are the things you should be looking out for?

  • Denial- This is one of the foremost symptoms of alcoholism. If you drink secretively or even lie about the amount of alcohol you drink, it’s an issue. Unfortunately people around you may just not notice anything out of the ordinary at all. However, when we at 5 Day Addiction Detox Centre counsel people, one of the topics we touch upon is- what are the symptoms of alcoholism?
  • Emotional reasons- Almost all people who are having trouble with controlling their attraction towards drink, are also struggling with stress, anxiety or depression. They use alcohol as a means to ease negative feeling and this can become a very risky habit.
  • Blacking Out” Regularly- This is one more of the commonest symptoms of alcoholism.   If you are drinking to such an extent that you don’t have any memory of what happened, it’s a definite red flag.  It just means that you need to start thinking “what are the symptoms of alcoholism?”; and whether you are falling prey to the habit.
  • Not being able to stop after you have started- If you find that you are unable to control yourself and have to finish that bottle of wine you opened or even drink all the beer stocked in your home, these are also symptoms of alcoholism. It means you have no control over your drinking and may be on the brink of turning into an alcoholic. It’s crucial to ask yourself – “What are the symptoms of alcoholism?”, look inward and recognise whether you see any of them in yourself, and then start on the track to fixing the issue.

Recognise its time to get help

; The other common symptoms of alcoholism are- drinking in various dangerous situations such as just before you are getting behind the wheel, before heading for work or even going against your doctor’s orders if you are on some medication etc. Neglecting responsibilities is another indication that alcohol is becoming a priority in your life, over other things and it’s crucial that you ask yourself- “what are the symptoms of alcoholism” and “ Am I getting addicted to alcohol?”.

If you have noticed the danger signs and feel that you are heading on the path towards alcohol addiction, know that there is help at hand, but that you have to take that first step towards getting that help. For more information about our specialised therapy, just give 5 Day Addiction Detox Centre a call at 0203 955 7701.



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