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Online alcohol rehab

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What’s involved in an Online Alcohol Rehab Program?

Am I an AlcoholicWhen it comes to alcohol rehab, it’s not always easy to get people to actually admit they have a problem and get them sign-up for it. Most alcoholics look for various excuses to avoid attending any rehab sessions. But that doesn’t help their problem in any way, which only worsens over time.

We at 5 Day Addiction Detox Centre,  have a very comprehensive fast alcohol rehab program that helps alcoholics kick the drinking habit and get right back on track within no time at all. There are also certain online alcohol rehab programs which can prove to be beneficial; Skype counselling is one of the ways in which experts are helping alcoholics with their problem.

Regardless of the alcohol rehab program you choose, one of the most important aspects of dealing with an alcohol addiction is that the person has to first agree that he/she has a problem. In many ways, it’s the first step that will help the person get rid of his drinking habit.

What is Skype counselling?

Most people have heard of residential alcohol rehab programs as well as non-residential ones; but not too many are acquainted with what an online alcohol rehab is, and what it involves. People with a drinking problem who drink more than they should (but who don’t have severe drinking problems); find that most treatment centres have abstinence-oriented programs, which doesn’t really become the ideal option for them.
These people need online alcohol rehab programs that will help them achieve their own personal goals. There is a lot of research that proves that people with a drinking problem would be able to kick the habit, if they are provided the right direction and tools like Skype counselling, to do so. These are more like correspondence programs that are beneficial for:

  • Individuals who want to reduce their drinking
  • Those who wish to maintain their anonymity while they are undergoing the treatment
  • Those who don’t want to attend sessions at any alcohol rehab centre
  • Some people don’t have the time and Skype counselling sessions become the best option for them
  • At times, some people live in areas that don’t have a good centre in the vicinity of their home and they opt for online alcohol rehab sessions
  • It’s extremely convenient to be able to attend these sessions and they can log in from any location. The convenience factor is hard to beat
  • The financial aspect matters to some people and these sessions can be significantly more cost-effective than traditional face-to-face ones. Some centres also offer free Skype counselling
As you can see, online alcohol rehab offers a number of benefits. In addition to counselling sessions, participants get access to various online tools and modules such as how to manage binge drinking, bad moods, cravings etc.

We at 5 Day Addiction Detox Centre offer fast alcohol treatment therapy that is effective and helps you get rid of your addiction, safely and quickly. For more information about our specialised therapy, just call us at 0203 955 7701.


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