Giving up alcohol

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Giving up alcohol

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How can I stop drinking

Giving up Alcohol can do Wonders for your Health

Am I an AlcoholicIt’s not uncommon for social drinkers to transition to becoming habitual ones and these same people may eventually just move onto becoming alcoholics. This is why it’s important to recognize when you are drinking more than normal, and ask yourself at the right time “How can I stop drinking”. As a matter of fact, that one question can put you on the track of Giving up alcohol.  There are really a number of benefits to it; take a look at what these are:

Giving up alcohol- the benefits

Improvement in confidence

Everyone knows that alcohol is a social lubricant and if you don’t keep tabs on how much you are drinking, you wouldn’t even realize when and how you cross the boundary of social drinking and move into the realm of habitual drinking. If you feel  you must have a drink or two before heading out to a nightclub or bar, it’s time to ask yourself “How can I stop drinking?” The minute you make it a point to go out sober, you will start feeling your confidence levels building up.

Peace of mind

The simple fact is that alcohol impairs a person’s judgment to such a degree that they are unable to even ask themselves “How can I stop drinking?”  Alcohol makes you lose your inhibitions and you may end up risking your health, having unprotected sex with people you don’t really know too well, etc. On the other hand, giving up alcohol keeps you away from these risks and you have peace of mind as well.

Drop in body fat percentage

Most people who guzzle on booze like there’s no tomorrow, also tend to pile on the pounds. When you drink, you also tend to eat more and what you eat, isn’t really healthy, which makes you tip the weighing scales in the wrong direction.  Giving up alcohol shows its benefits in this area as well and when you consciously ask yourself “How can I stop drinking?” you will find that you eat less too. This brings about a drop in your body fat percentage.

More productive week

When you are giving up alcohol, you will find that you are also waking up fresher and you feel much better on the weekend. Those hangovers will be a thing of the past and you will be more inclined to spend your weekend doing something worthwhile. When you start asking yourself  “How can I stop drinking?”, you will find that you also get back on track with life and will become more productive too.

Apart from this, giving up alcohol has other benefits too.  It will save you a significant amount of money and your overall health and mood will improve too. Your liver will work better and you will feel that your entire system is thriving, simply because you aren’t poisoning  it 2 times a week.

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