I am an alcoholic

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I am an alcoholic

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Am I drinking too much?

You May be Drinking Too Much

Am I an AlcoholicMost people who drink more than the average person aren’t really aware that they’re drinking more than they should and maybe the question- “Am I an alcoholic?” doesn’t really cross their mind at all. They probably consider themselves to be a very moderate drinker. Maybe they just have a few pints on a Saturday evening and the occasional glass of wine after work and then don’t drink at all over the week.

And of course as the holidays approach, that becomes just a teeny-weeny excuse to drink a little bit more than usual; but you are still not asking yourself “Am I drinking too much?” However, surveys are showing that even moderate drinking habits are now becoming a “silent killer” and liver disease is something that’s not very uncommon any longer.

Am I an alcoholic?- The signs

  So, how would you be able to ascertain whether what you thought was no more than an occasional drink has actually turned into a harmful habit? And how do you know when it’s time to start asking yourself “Am I drinking too much?” Well, here are some tell-tale signs that you should be looking out for:

  • Heading for the bathroom too many times at night- This could definitely be an indication that you’re drinking more than what your body is able to handle. Our bodies have a natural hormone that regulates the amount of urine in our bodies. Our bodies also produce more of this hormone at night and that’s why we don’t have to go to the bathroom that often. However, when you consume excess alcohol, the body produces less of this hormone and you will find yourself visiting the loo more often. It’s also time to start asking yourself “Am I drinking too much?” and “Am I an alcoholic”.
  • Eyes are dry when you wake up- When you start wondering “Am I drinking too much?” you should also check whether your eyes are drier when you wake up in the morning. Alcohol dehydrates the entire body; but it also dehydrates the eyes and if that is happening to you, its time you ask yourself “Am I an alcoholic?”
  • Impatient for that evening drink- When you ask yourself “Am I an alcoholic?” also check how impatient you are for that 6 pm drink. If all you’re thinking as you are driving home is – “I’m going to get home and have that drink before I do anything else”, it’s time to raise the red flag.
  • Self medication- Those who are addicted to alcohol may also go into depression. Apart from asking themselves things like “Am I drinking too much?”, they also need to get hold of their emotions. Alcohol can be a depressant and it’s not easy to let go of.

If you have begun self-medicating, it’s just too late and you will need some specialized help to get rid of the addiction. These are just a few of the indicators that you are leaning towards alcoholism. Recognize when it’s time to get help. For anonymous addiction rehab, call 5 Day Addiction Detox at 0203 955 7701.  


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