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alcohol counselling

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Counselling for alcoholics

Is Alcohol Counselling Effective?

Am I an AlcoholicAlcohol counselling is a very important tool in any rehab program. It helps individuals come to terms with their addiction and helps them continue with their lives, without having to deal with demons in their heads. Counselling for alcoholics takes different forms – it could be regular session at a good rehab clinic or it may be part of a specialised residential alcohol rehab program. Every person is different, and the session can reveal a lot about him/her.

At the 5 Day Addiction Detox Centre, we have noticed that most people who opt for alcohol counselling don’t even realise exactly why they were consuming so much alcohol. It’s only in the sessions that this comes to the surface and that’s what makes it so potent. When it comes to rehab, counselling for alcoholics becomes a very important aspect.

Breaking the drinking trend

Most alcoholics find it very difficult to confront alcohol rehab; this is because they are struggling with breaking the trend that has been set in place over a number of years. Unfortunately not many people are even willing to go into rehab; they don’t even accept that a problem exists and in many ways, that becomes a major part of the problem.

But once they do start coming in for these alcohol counselling sessions, they are able to speak with an experienced and qualified person about various personal issues that may be driving them to alcohol addiction, and this is when counselling for alcoholics becomes an effective tool to help them kick the habit.

Private counselling sessions

While it’s true that private one-on-one sessions are very effective, many people also do attend group sessions. It’s an excellent way for alcoholics to provide each other support; this is essential in the treatment of alcohol addiction, as most people who are affected tend to feel abandoned. Most also lack the confidence to tackle the issue on their own and alcohol counselling sessions give them the confidence they need. While some counselling for alcoholics sessions have a larger number of members, it’s also quite common for the groups to be broken up into smaller groups.

Finding the right counsellor

Many people find that it’s not very easy to find a good counsellor as the person himself has to seek help. It’s not possible for anyone to compel the person to go and see a certified alcohol counselling expert. In the case of alcohol addition, the most difficult step is to admit that they have a drinking problem.

The addict counselling sessions are conducted in a very safe environment, where the person feels secure and he is assured that his issues will remain private. In this respect, it’s important to go to a certified and proven place like the 5 Day Addiction Detox Centre. We have helped people from all walks of life kick the habit and successfully stay off alcohol. For more information about anonymous addiction rehab, call us at 0203 955 7701.


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