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addiction dependency solutions

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Am I an Alcoholic?

Am I an AlcoholicAlcoholism is never easy, whether you’re heading towards it or coming out of it. It has ruined several lives and will continue to do so unless people learn to recognize the problem and ask themselves whether they are an alcoholic, and look for addiction dependency solutions.

Asking that question takes a lot of courage but it’s the first step to healing and finding the right addiction dependency solutions. That’s when you start realizing that there’s something wrong with your drinking habit. That’s when you start thinking that maybe you need some help.

No medical professional underestimates the importance of asking that question. That’s a sign that you’re ready to accept some help. At 5 Day Addiction Detox Centre, we consider this a very positive step. It’s a step towards admitting to yourself that you are drinking too much. Once you’ve done that, you’ve gained some strength and that strength will help you look for addiction dependency solutions and battle what’s ahead.

Addiction dependency solutions- what’s ahead?

  After you’ve admitted to yourself that you are an alcoholic, it’s time to get help and look for addiction dependency solutions. Herein lies the dilemma. No everyone has the time or the money to attend a 28 day residential rehab and get rid of their alcoholism. At this stage of life, you need to focus completely on recovery. That won’t happen if you’re worried about the cost.

After telling yourself that you are drinking too much, you shouldn’t be forced to think how you are going to pay for the addiction dependency solutions. We don’t want anyone being denied treatment because they can’t pay for it or can’t make time for it. That’s why the 5 day rehab works so well for most people. With this rehab, you’re well on your way to recovery without the exorbitant costs of long-term addiction dependency solutions.

Don’t Let Excuses Stop You

  Time and money are both excuses here. Nothing is more important in your life than your health. The longer you let your alcoholism go untreated, the longer it would take for you to recover. The longer you delay looking for addiction dependency solutions and starting with the healing process, the more your body will suffer.

The issue of time is addressed by our 5 Day Rehab treatment. The issue of money is also resolved by it. Instead of spending 30 days in a rehab facility, paying for lodging, food, and the treatment, you’re staying at the facility for only 5 days and getting the best addiction dependency solutions.

The effective treatment

  You might wonder if the 5 day treatment would actually be effective against alcoholism. After all, this addiction has always been very difficult to kill. However, our treatment has proven to be successful. The combination of the environment, the luxurious yet serene surroundings of the rehab centre, and the IV NAD+ therapy can help you shrug your alcoholism. You’ll also receive addiction dependency solutions counselling to address underlying problems that led to alcoholism. This short, but intensive treatment works wonders and allows you to go back to work, well on your way to recovery.

And that will all start with an admission that you are drinking too much. If you have any questions about our addiction detox and addiction dependency solutions, just give us at 5 Day Addiction Detox Centre a call at 0203 955 7701.


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