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5 Day Addiction Detox

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Addiction Rehab in Over 40 Locations

Executive, Luxury Locations

The 5 day alcohol rehab program is located in discreet, luxurious residential rehabilitation centres in over 40 locations in Great Britain and offers a professional but friendly service, providing the treatment in a safe and comfortable environment. You will be amongst individuals with a similar background to yourself and your high class surroundings will prevent any distraction at such an important time. 5 day rehab offers services from 5 days to 3 months, discuss with the advisor the rehab that best suits you.


Affordable Rehab

As you will be getting better results in just 5 days as opposed to 30 days we can offer private alcohol rehab at a much lower price than usual.

Reduce Cravings

Dramatically help deal with your cravings and help regain complete control.

Comfortable Detox

Minimum withdrawal symptoms, side effects or cravings. Protection against seizures, brain damage and relapse.

Better Results Faster

Get back to work in a shorter space of time with all required follow ups

Executive Environment

Most addiction rehab programs are often conducted in environments that may not be suitable for the average person. However, our 5 day residential course offers the highest standard of living and clientele.

Intensive Treatment

The 5 day course allows you to get a completely intensive experience whereby your rehab is fully dedicated to restoring your physical wellbeing.

The Science

Psychology Behind Our Treatment

The 5 Day Rehab at our clinic uses a major breakthrough in the treatment of addiction. The treatment does not lose sight of counselling and treatment of underlying psychiatric and emotional disorders that need to be attended to.

The use of NAD+ through a short intensive treatment of 5-7days opens a way to help people in a relatively short time, allowing them to return back to the workplace with the necessary biological and psychological follow up.

Our Clients Say

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